Communion in the hand and His Holiness Pope Paul VI

We can see in many Catholic parishes worldwide that communion in the hand has almost become the new norm. (Sadly)

For me as a Altar boy in a novus ordo parish, it is frightening to see many Roman Catholic faithful approach the sacrament by receiving in the hands. It makes me close my eyes because of the fact that so many do not even dare to have reverence for the Blessed Sacrament.

Many people in my parish sometimes question why I receive kneeling and on the tongue, and may even think I am doing it out of pride, but instead I do it out of love for devotion to the Blessed Sacrament. I have been shunned once by a priest in a novus ordo parish who has said to me after Mass that by me kneeling It will only cause the older women to trip and fall and also because the parish is part of the “resurrection community” (whatever that is suppose to be). He even mentioned that theologically the Eucharist is suppose to be received in the hands, sadly this contradicts sacred tradition and Is only modernist in itself as a whole.

In this video below, Father Nicholas talks about why receiving communion on the tongue is important, for it is a spiritual medicine, and how His Holiness Pope Paul VI was even afraid of the practice.

The practice of receiving communion on the tongue not only avoids the Sacred host from falling, but also prevents the particles of the Eucharist spreading, which is scary in itself since even Pope Pius X has mentioned each particle regardless how small is still the Blessed Sacrament (Amen!)

Father Nicholas on the Eucharist

Pax Vobiscum!
Christian R.



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