Pope Francis and the Liberal Media

As Father Z identifies the schismatic National “catholic” reporter as “fishwrap”, we can see it shall be treated as such due to it’s modernist innovations that both cause misgive to Holy Mother Church as well as misrepresent who She is and what her purpose is, which is for the salvation of souls.

Since these schismatic heretics love to misinterpret His Holiness, Pope Francis the 1st, I pray their souls be converted to the truth, for 1 Cor 3:15 mentions that Church is the “pillar and bulwark of the truth”.

In this video below, Father Nicholas speaks on such devilish statements and comments the National “catholic” register makes.

Fishwrap heresy

I pray the Vatican comes to a conclusion where we need to battle against the “heresy of Fishwrap” if you will.

Pax Vobiscum,



2 thoughts on “Pope Francis and the Liberal Media

    1. As much of a fan I am of Fr. Paul Nicholason; I would have to say that statement is very heterodox and I am very familiar with what he said, which continued to stun me. The emphasis on attacking the SSPX, other faithful Catholics (though I don’t agree with everything they do) isn’t going to reconcile them back to Rome but keep them even farther, and we need more Conservative Catholics in the Church to help fix this crises which is going on in Her. What I don’t understand is if he is going to speak of the SSPX, why not also include the schismatic Eastern “orthodox” , the SSPV and other similar Sedevacantist heretics, as well as the Assyrian “church” of the East who accept nestorianism? See the connection im making?

      You asked how we as the CPPXII feel about the SSPX. I’m simple terms we accept them as ️️Catholic Christians just like us. We just don’t agree with leaving Rome since leaving would just let the modernists have more of a oppertunity to spread error. For the ️Catholic Church to be restored to Tradition, one must stay inside of her just like Cardinal Burke and many more. If it wasn’t for Catholics faithful to Rome who remain traditionalists; things would be worse than they are not, and believe me we have a long way to go in restoring the Church. Father Malachi Martin in 1997 stated that Traditional Catholicism would rise probably in the 2 decades. We can see the results as we speak. Thus; in order to clean a dirty house one must go inside to pick up the trash, not stare from the outside complaining how dirty it is, because then things will never get done. Hope that answered your question.

      God Bless,

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