Dear Fellow Catholics! Wake Up!


We are beginning to witness as Catholics faithful to the Church that many bishops, especially in the English speaking world, are putting themselves in schism by abandoning the Roman Catholic faith!

From the closing of parishes to supporting homosexual marriage, this is apostasy and blasphemous that any prince of the Church, such as Cardinal Dolan, would dare follow the path of wanting to open the Church’s doctrine to new ideas to please the world. That is 100% Masonic and devilish in it’s nature.

Cardinal Dolan is choosing to close the Roman Catholic parish of Holy Innocents, located in Manhattan New York, (In fact is one of the first parishes planned to be closed) out of all parishes.

That is completely apostate and schismatic in it’s nature since this parish has many vocations coming out of it from the youth, the priests are 100% solid to the faith, and the liturgy is sacred. Why on earth would any Prince of the church want to close down this parish when there are many parishes that support homosexuality, but oh no no! They want to keep it open since they believe the Roman Church needs to “get with the times”.
But hey, what do you expect from a Cardinal who also told Muslims we worship the same God and spent time with liberal Barack Obama who opposes the Catholic faith?

Please help save Holy Innocents Church by signing the petitions below.

Help Holy Innocents!

May I note that the co founder of the Crusade of Pope Pius XII, Eric, Attends this parish? Do the princes of the church not notice he and many other acolytes now have a vocation because of this parish community’s mission?

I highly recommend those viewing this post please check out what Michael Voris has to say on this issue by viewing the 17 minuet video below.

Traditional Priest Sent Packing (Video)

Pax Vobiscum,
Christian R.


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