Are all religions equal?


As Stated in the Catechism Of The Catholic Church paragraph 843:

“The Catholic Church recognizes in other religions that search, among shadows and images, for the God who is unknown yet near since he gives life and breath and all things and wants all men to be saved. Thus, the Church considers all goodness and truth found in these religions as “a preparation for the Gospel and given by him who enlightens all men that they may at length have life.”

The truths that are found in false religions are Catholic truth alone. For example, Islam acknowledges there is only One God. This is true that there is One God as we profess in the creed, however they have a false idea of who God is since they lack the idea of The Lord being the trinity.

CCC 844 – In their religious behavior, however, men also display the limits and errors that disfigure the image of God in them:

“Very often, deceived by the Evil One, men have become vain in their reasonings, and have exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and served the creature rather than the Creator. Or else, living and dying in this world without God, they are exposed to ultimate despair.” – Lumen Gentium 16

As we can see, the Catholic Church still teaches other religions are false, and only the Church is the ark of salvation. This is because Catholic teaching cannot change.

CCC 845 – To reunite all his children, scattered and led astray by sin, the Father willed to call the whole of humanity together into his Son’s Church. The Church is the place where humanity must rediscover its unity and salvation. The Church is “the world reconciled.” She is that bark which “in the full sail of the Lord’s cross, by the breath of the Holy Spirit, navigates safely in this world.” According to another image dear to the Church Fathers, she is prefigured by Noah’s ark, which alone saves from the flood.

Saint John Paul II, pray for us that all souls may convert to the Holy Roman Church, the ark of salvation.


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