Hello all,

Followers and friends of the Crusade of Pope Pius XII. My name is Landon. It is with a lot of thought and prayer that we as members of the Crusade make this announcement.

Our main administrator, Chris, has decided through much prayer and thought, to step down for an unknown amount of time, from his leadership role in charge of the Crusade of Pope Pius XII. This is a private manner amongst the admins of the page.

I, Landon, started this page with Chris a while back now it seems. We have been through a lot as members and founders of this page; through many apologetics debates and heated arguments. Now as Chris grows spiritually and takes this time to be away from the Crusade, the reigns have fallen into my hands. I ask your prayer on my behalf and on behalf of all the admins at the Crusade of Pope Pius XII.

As we strive to provide a source of traditional Catholicism to you all, know it is our prayer to extend to you all a helping hand in your journey through life and through your faith; to turn a listening ear to your questions or struggles; and to clasp our hands in mutual prayer with you all for the conversion of sinners and a greater understanding and desire for the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church.

May God bless you all, may God bless the Holy Father, and may God bless the Catholic Church!

Pax Christi Vobiscum!


Please contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns and I will be happy to respond promptly:


Kik: @cppxii

Instagram: @cppxii

Twitter: @cppxii


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