Tonight at Adoration

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to talk to you all a little bit about some things I experienced tonight at Eucharistic Adoration. For one thing, I want to start off by recommending adoration to each and every one of you. If you have not gone to adoration or do not attend frequently, I encourage you to go, spend time in the glory of the One and Only Lord Jesus Christ.

I saw such an outpouring of devotion there tonight. A lady wearing a mantilla, making prostrations before the Most Blessed Sacrament. A man giving out prayer cards for the holy souls in Purgatory. Young and old entering the confessional to receive absolution of their sins. Young children crossing themselves before the true presence of Jesus Christ. What a blessing.

As I prayed my rosary, I observed these things but, and this was kind of disheartening for me, my faith in the devotion present was lost a little. While everyone was adoring Christ, a woman went behind the exposed Sacrament and opened the tabernacle of the Chapel. She took hosts out and put them into a pyx and then left (I’m assuming she is a Eucharistic Minister or something in the Novus Ordo diocesan church.)

Like, I get if you are a Eucharistic Minister from the novus ordo, good for you and God bless you. I personally don’t agree with it as a traditionalist Catholic and supporter of the FSSP and SSPX, but that is up to the Church at this point and we can only pray for changes. I also don’t agree with anyone other than an ordained priest touching the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Christ; but that’s up to y’all to decide. But what was disheartening for me was when she disrupted the sacred silence of the chapel, where for two hours every Tuesday adoration is held, this distracted every prayerful person there, trying to focus on the presence of Christ.

So, I digress, let me get off my soapbox for now. I encourage you all to attend to adoration frequently. Take your rosary with you and pray it. Take your missal and read the readings for the day. Take your favorite spiritual book (mine is Imitation of Christ by Thomas a Kempis) or your Bible and read, enlighten your heart. Bask in the presence of Christ and have him enter into you spiritually and transform your life.

God bless you all,



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