Pax Christi
Many of you may recognize my initials ,JP, from the social media outlet Instagram @catholiclegion. Here is my short testimony:

As a former Communist (a member of the Communist Party, USA) as well as a devout “horseman of the Apocalypse” (militant atheist), and a Darwinist, my journey to the Catholic Faith was stormy to say the least. I was raised in a post-Vatican II parish which harbored the heresy of Modernism and Americanism. I was led to Communism by personal and philosophical factors. The Communist Manifesto offered hope of a better future. I idolized Che Guevara and Lenin and their works. I thought of the USSR as a dream come true destroyed by the “bourgeoisie and human ignorance.” Atheism and Darwinism were the spawn of my affair with Communism.

The Communist agenda is simple: remove God from anything and everything. The biggest obstacle to that agenda was and is the Catholic Faith (which is why the classroom is targeted aggressively with Darwinism and other contemporary propaganda). I hated the Catholic Faith. In one of my works, “the Communist Call,” I wrote: “Morality is nothing more than an excuse by self-righteous human beings who wish to keep their natural human nature from reaching its full potential.” Little did I know that the moment I picked up the works of Saint Augustine I would be proven dead wrong. The Confessions of St. Augustine started me on my journey to the Catholic Faith. A hunger for Truth grew within me. Evolution no longer answered the ultimate questions; Darwin slowly began to recede in my mind. Atheism left a void in me and neither human action nor thought could fill that hole in my soul.

With time I slowly started to change, though I refused to acknowledge it. At first I fell for a version of “Liberation Theology,” though I did not consider myself a Catholic. After noticing the flaws in that “theology,” I quickly threw away that form of thought. I was a deist for some time, though I still had communist ideas and evolution on the table. The book Marx Meets Socrates by Dr. Peter Kreeft literally destroyed Communism for me. That book alone made me resign from the CPA. At that point, I started to flirt with other religions and ideologies, but only one stood out; and that was the Catholic Faith. I began reading more about the Catholic Church until I could no longer hold back my heart, and I came into the Church.

However, though I returned to the Church, I was still a modernist to some degree, until I started reading about the FSSP and Traditional Catholicism. (Traditional Catholicism is not different from Catholicism; rather, Traditional Catholicism upholds every teaching of the Catholic Faith as well as the traditional Latin Mass of the Roman Rite. In reality, it’s not traditional Catholicism, it’s faithful Catholicism)
Through the Kolbe Center I began to finally shed off evolution and fully emerge in Traditional Doctrine Creation.
(my simple story)

What to expect from me is the Full Truth and nothing but the Full Truth. I do not aim to please emotions, I am to educate souls.




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