Calling all Devout Catholics; with much hope in the Intercession of Mary, Mother of the Living God, I write to my Devout brothers and sisters. The Catholic Church suffers daily the passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ daily, Her beauty and purity slowly stripped away, causing the saints in heaven to weep. However, my brothers and sisters it seems as if the bishops of the church for the most part don’t care. The majority of bishops don’t care for the souls of their flock, rather they care for their careers and bank accounts.

Bishops like Cardinal Dolan and Cardinal Kasper constantly attack the very identity of the Catholic Church through their highly questionable/borderline heretical actions. Devout brothers and sisters, in our silence our Church, our beautiful faith, suffers. She cries out in pain calling for her children and yet her children do nothing. We live in a time in which man respects emotions more than he respects God. The aftermath of Vatican 2 can be seen now here in America… And it is not what was expected by the hierarchy. On the contrary, Vatican 2 has actually hurt the church. The number of Catholics going to mass on a regular basis (as they are supposed to) is projected to hit the lowest number… Ever. By 2020 it is projected that 2/5 of Catholics will actually go to mass on Sunday. The evidence is around us. Here’s some of the stats that show the growing problem:03church

📶Let’s compare 1965 to 2014 in numbers: 1)total  diocesan priests in 1965  35,925> Diocesan priests  26,265 in 2014. 2)The number of ordinations in 1965 was 994 while in 2014 the number is 494.3) The number of graduate level seminarians was 8,325 in 1965 while 2014 only had 3,631. 4) the number of parishes in 1965 was 17,673 while in 2014 the number went to 17,438 (big deal if you keep reading)  5) parishes without resident priest in 1965 was 549, the number in 2014 went up to 3,496!!!! (HUGE PROBLEM)

READ THIS: the number of Catholics who were raised catholic but later identify themselves as non catholic was NA in 1965 (this means that the number was minuscule) the number in 2014 is 32.0 MILLION!!!!!  The catholic population has gone up to 66.6 million but this means nothing because it’s a reflection of the worlds Natural Rate Increase.
The number of baptisms in 1965 was 1.310 million while in 2014 the number is 713,302. Marriages recognized by the Catholic Church in 1965 were 352,458 while in 2014 the number went down to 154,450. 
The issue is projected to get worse in the coming months and years for the American Catholic Church. This is a serious thing for the Whole entire Catholic Church. The American Catholic Church is one of the biggest contributors in donations, eventually the church will not have the same funding because of the crisis of faith. Which means parishes in American dioceses will have to close. Which leads to the closing of parishes in sister dioceses in other parts of the world. The Crisis is a BIG BIG DEAL. Souls are at stake.The laity is the only one that can fix this crisis through complete devotion to the Faith, which is what we here at CPPXII aim to do, the education of the laity to turn around this crisis of faith. -JP

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