There was once a young man who went to the same parish for 13 years. In a period of 6 months, the parish was transformed; TV projectors were raised in the sanctuary, the tabernacle moved to another room, all icons were removed and replaced with whitewashed walls. At the end of the 6 months the only thing that identified the building as a Catholic Church was the sign that stood in the entrance into the property. Those who went to the parish started to lose their catholic identity, the love for the mass and the Eucharist was practically non existent , and the lack of devotion was growing. The young man turned to the elders who went to the parish and asked what could be done? They said nothing. The young man went to the parish priest to ask for the restoration of Tradition, the priest was silent. 3 months passed by, in those months the young man had to go to the local basilica for a valid mass.
(The parish)

  One Sunday morning, a new figure celebrated the mass. The young man recognized  him as the Bishop of the Diocese, and so the young man thought on what God wanted him to do, by the end of the mass he entrusted the Holy Ghost to speak for him by speaking through him. At the end of the mass, the bishop stood greeting the faithful and blessing them while taking the a selfie while doing so. The young man stood at a distance, studying the bishop, and waiting for the Holy Ghost to descend upon him. Finally with courage, the young man knelt before the bishop and kissed his ring and as he opened his mouth to speak his eyes began to water due to the pain of the situation. The young man begged the bishop to look into the broken parish. He alerted the bishop of the danger that the souls of the parish were in. He described the liturgical abuse and the lack of reverence for the Eucharist. As he the young man spoke, tears fell down his cheeks, followed by uncontrollable sobbing. The bishop took the young man and told the young man that “He had no peace in his heart” and that “He shouldn’t care about what others did but only about himself.” Instead of looking into the corrupt parish, the bishop chastised the young man for his lack of tolerance.  

(The bishop)

The young man stood in shock, at the unbelief that his bishop did not just care, but that the bishop supported the modernist changes to the young man’s parish. The bishop then moved on to take another selfie… I am that young man. And that parish is St.Issac Joques in the diocese of Orlando. And that bishop is Bishop John Noonan. This happened on March 17,2015 in the basilica of Mary Queen of the Universe at noon. This was my first time seeing the lack of faith of a bishop, and it is an unforgettable event. Brothers and Sisters pray for Bishop John Noonan, and pray for the Crusade of Pope Pius XII (@CPPXII) which has begun it’s crusade to bring back the Faith.-JP


2 thoughts on “THE CRIME OF FIDELITY 

  1. They can give nothing ,who have nothing to give ,look at their sterile modern churches, there is nothing of beauty in them ,their churches reflect their souls .They have banished God not only from their churches ,but from their hearts and souls. Their church is the church of man not God

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