CPPXII SHIELDThe CPPXII (Crusade of Pope Pius XII) is a lay Roman Catholic activist movement 100% in communion with Rome that intends to help restore Catholicity within the parishes of the faithful since Holy Mother Church is now suffering a crisis infestered with the heresy of modernism that has later crept into both the sermons , the liturgy, catechesis, and spiritual direction as a result of what is now known as “The Spirit of Vatican II”. Through the intercession of Our Lady of Fatima; we have come to the conclusion that this is not only a problem that is misleading, but it is also very harmful in the sense that souls are not being saved since they are not being educated with the true faith and lead in the direction that will help increase ones spirituality through the Holy Sacrice of The Mass, which is the re presestation of Calvary itself! Henceforth, our public protest after complaints have been reported to us after investigation of abuses as stated above.

To contact our staff with questions or concerns:

Email: CPPXII@gmail.com

Instagram:  @CPPXII


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